Product Description

Wet Film Thickness Gauges(Comb-shape)

The Wet Film Thickness Gauges are made of a comb-shaped design with precision cut gaps to determine the coating thickness by placing vertically onto a wet coated substrate. it is a corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a hole at the top comer so that a string(not supply)can be attached for hooking

All Wet Film Thickness Gauges come standard with 10 gaps with inscriptions of the thickness at the side of each gap.It is recommended to replace a new gauge if there are chips, crack or uneven at the gap(s)of the gauge

Main Technical Parameters

Type:SHG~100 10-100µm(@10µm)

SHG~200 20-200µm(@20µm)
SHG~700 250~700µm(@75µm)
SHG~750 50~950µm(@50µm)

and so on …

Dimensions(for 1&2):65(L)×36(B)×1.5(T)mm

(for 3&4):65(L)×43(B)×1.5(T)mm

Weight:approx.22g(for 1&2), 33g(for 3&4)

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Details
High quality level industry travel use suit case
Delivery Time
6-7working daysafter confirm payment