MT-1A Portable Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector

MT-1A Portable Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector

Measuring range:1mm Resolution Accuracy: Communication storage:USB Working time:>4h Main unit weight:Main unit 0.75 KG,magnetic yoke 1.5KG(including cable line) Total weight:3.25KG Dimensions:100*204*36mm

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MT-1A digital portable magnetic flaw detector, adopts large capacity lithium battery power supply. DC is exchanged into AC by the inverter and the phase shifted signal processor to provide power for the detector, it solves the shortcomings of traditional magnetic particle detector relying on the 220V power supply. It has low power consumption and can continuous work for more than 4 hours. The battery can be charged while working or off. It can real-time monitoring, process image, save data, print the test report, track inspection results, meet the requirements of standard operation and management. Especially suitable for the field without power supply field testing and high-altitude operations, it realizes the innovation of magnetic powder digital inspection



Lifting ≥45N(no less than 5kg)
Integrative sensitivity type A 15/100 standard specimen, artificial notch clearly showed
Light good
Camera good
Working voltage DC15V-21V
Waveform alternative current
Pulse amplitude 42V
Unit weight 0.75kg(including battery)
Display dimension 3.5inch
Electromagnetic yoke polar distance 75-200mm
Electromagnetic yoke weight 1.5kg
Lithium battery voltage 18V
Lithium battery capacity 8400mAh
Limited voltage of lithium battery 21V
Charge time 3-4h
Continuous working time 3-4h
Dimensions 100mm*204mm*36mm


  • With high resolution, high brightness 3.5 inch color LCD display, intelligent interface, can directly display the location, shape, size and degree of the flaws. It has the functions of software management, image processing and recognition, quantitative and nature analysis of the flaw, and PC communication, detection process can be monitored, the results can be traced and meet the requirements of standard operation and management.
  • Stationary and portable two types detector, dry and wet technique are available to meet the different needs of different customers.
  • High capacity lithium battery makes it portable, solves the drawbacks of traditional, magnetic particle detector relying on 220V. Low power consumption, small volume, alternative charge method, especially suitable for field and high altitude inspection.
  • New power supply mode improves the sensitivity and accuracy of surface and depth detection.
  • Build-in industrial high-definition micro camera, real-time record test results, effectively monitor the flaws that we can’t see, built in ROM can communicate with computer, the defects and photos can be transferred to PC, output the inspection report in Excel format.
  • The USB port can transfer the data waveform to the U disk to save, print inspection report, realize network management.
  • Adopts electromagnetic yoke power supply technology can realize continuous work, without time limit.
  • Different electromagnetic yokes can meet different requirements. With auto check, indication test functions.
  • The detector is compact, lightweight, easy to carry, can greatly reduce the work intensity of the testing personnel.

Put the workpiece into high-intensity magnetic field, connect electric to make it magnetized, if there are flaws (crack,slag) in or near the surface, there will be a leakage around the flaws. Put good quality magnetic powder(usually the magnetic iron oxide powder)on the object, magnetic powder will gather together near the leaked magnetic field, piled up to form visible traces of magnetic powder. In the proper light, we can see the marks and judge the position, size, shape and degree of the flaws.