CTG200 Coating Thickness Gauge

CTG200 Coating Thickness Gauge

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Coating Thickness Gauge CTG200-coating thickness gauge price

Coating Thickness Gauge is a portable coating thickness gauge which integrates the magnetism and eddy, it could measure the thickness of the coating and the plating, quickly, critically and without any damage. It could be applied to not only the laboratory but also the engineering field. This device can be widely used in auto industry, manufacturing industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other detection fields. It is a necessary professional instrument for material protection and its technical parameters are completely in conformity with the international standard.

The F probes measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials on magnetic materials. such as the lacquer, powder coating, plastic, porcelain, chromium, copper, zinc and so on painted on the steel and iron.

The N probes measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metals. such as the lacquer, plastic, porcelain and so on painted on aluminum, copper and brass or stainless steel.

Product Features
●Model: CTG 200
●Type: Hand – Held Portable Coating Thickness Gauge
●Dimension: 136 ×70× 39mm
●Weight: 90g (Not Including Batteries)

Techniques Parameters
●Display: four-digit liquid crystal with backlight
●Power Supply:2×1.5V AAA(UM-4)Battery
●Data transmission: RS232 or USB (non-standard configuration)
●Occasion applicable: non – magnetic coating on magnetic matrix
Insulating coating on the non – magnetic matrix
●Measurement range: 0~1250μm/ 0-50mil
●Resolution: 0.1μm(0~99.9μm),1μm(100~1250μm)
●Min.Radius Workpiece: F Type: convexity: 1.5mm / concave 25mm
NF Type: convexity: 3mm / concave 50mm
●Min.Measuring Area: 6mm
●Min.Sample Thickness: 0.3 mm
●Operation conditions: temperature 0-50℃, humidity <80%
●Accuracy: ±(1~3%)H+1.5μm, H is the coating thickness

For detail coating thickness gauge price ,please kindly contact with us .
Coating Thickness Gauge coating thickness gauge price




●Measuring principle: F magnetic induction, N eddy curren.
●The spring guide sleeve probe with wear – resisting and hard metal probe could measure on the hard or rough surface as well as ensuring the test head has stable pressing force and stable sampling value.
●Quickly and automatically identify the magnetic matrix and the non – magnetic matrix.
●Automatically memorize the calibration value to facilitate usage.
●Quickly measure and present the numerical value.
●Big screen makes the digital display clearer.
●Two ways of turning off : manual shutdown and auto shutdown.
●Cell voltage indication: low voltage reminder.
●Backlighting display is suitable for night operation.
●Two measurement mode: single point measurement (voiced), continuous measurement (silent).(Notice:Continuous mode is convenient to measure the coating thickness of curved objects and tiny objects.)
●It could realize the unit conversion between μm and mil.
●Scientific human engineering design strengthens the beautiful look of the product, and its ability to prevent dropping and shock resistance.
●Buzzing sound in the measurement process.
●Adopting a key to calibrate to restore the accuracy.
●Integral Type suitable for single-hand operation, large probe with large contact surface have better stability, users can get continuous, good repetitive and precise measurements.

●Standard sheet 1 set (5 pieces) : 50μm、100μm、250μm、500μm、1000μm
●Matrix 2 pieces (iron matrix, aluminum matrix)
●Specification 1 piece
●2 AAA batteries (except the air lift)
●Warranty card, certificate of soundness 1 piece respectively

1. Thoughtful After – Sales Service:
●The instrument could be unconditionally returned (freight afforded by yourself) within 7 days from the date of the sale of the instrument, as long as the instrument is not demaged.
●Within 1 month from the date of sale, if there is a performance breakdown of the instrument, and the product and its packing are guaranteed intact without scratch, the same model can be replaced, except for the man-made damage.
●The product has been warranted for 3 years and maintenance for life since the date of sale, but the accessories are not covered by the warranty.
●Warranty valid only under normal use.
2. Excellent Product Quality
●Quickly automatic transfer between the iron matrix and aluminum matrix (without being transferred manually)
●The reaction speed of measurement could be maintained at one time per second
●Simple operation mode
●Adopting the temperature compensation technique, it also maintain a good linearity, stability and repeatability under the high and low temperature environment, which is in the leading ranks of the international.
●In addition to the zero calibration, this instrument adopts an unique one – key calibration technique which allows the machine to quickly restore the accuracy and leave out the tedious calibration time and greatly improve the working efficiency.

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