Product Description

portable grain moisture meter for cocoa beans coffee beans

Main function:

a.It can weigh material automatically.

b.It can be powered off automatically.

c.It can adjust temperature automatically.

d.It can measure moisture automatically.

e.It can correct moisture when empty.

f.It has most advanced revising mode.

g.The user can decide material kind and revise moisture error.

Technical parameters:

Measuring Object grain
Measuring Moisture Range 3-35%
Repeating Error ≤0.2%
Measuring Error ≤±0.5%
Measuring Time ≤10 seconds
Working Power 4pcs *1.5V AA batteries
Auto Power-off 3 minutes shut down automatically
Working Temperature 0-40℃
Temperature Adjusting Automatically
Net Weight 0.6kg
Package size 320*360*170mm

Measuring Spec:

Material Kind Code Material Kind Code Material Kind Code
Rapeseed P1 long paddy P13 sesame P25
Wheat P2 round rice P14 watermelon seed P26
barley P3 long rice P15 cottonseed P27
pea P4 round brown rice P16 beans sediment P28
Field beans P5 long brown rice P17 vegetables sediment P29
White oats P6 Soybean P18 coffee beans P30
Onion P7 canola P19 Cocoa beans P31
Clover P8 corn P20 granulated feed P32
Tea P9 Corn(High)” P21 sunflower P33
hard Wheat P10 radish seeds P22 Large particles grain P34
sorghum P11 peanuts P23
round paddy P12 Highland barley P24

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