Product Description metal electrical conductivity meter


Absolute measurement of electrical conductivity of nearly all non-ferrous metals;(Ti – Ag)

In the aerospace and automotive industry, monitor the process of heat treatment, the strength and hardness of aluminum alloy;

Test the conductivity when the aluminum have not been oxidized;

Measurement the purity of non-ferrous metals;

Test the resistivity of conductive materials;

Analyze thermal properties of materials.

FD-102 Technical parameters

Measurement technology Eddy current
Operating frequency 60KHz
Display screen 240X320 pixels TFT-LCD 4 kinds of background color
L*B*H 180*80*35 mm
Instrument case Anti-intense impact, water-proofing polyester Match the fixed belt the leather protective covering
Weight 245g Contain battery
Power supply High capacity, high performance lithium polymer battery Not back light illuminate may keep on working about 100 hours.
Measuring range 1%IACS—105%IACS(0.58 MS/m -61MS/m)
Distinguishing rate 0.01% IACS
Probe compensated 0.05mm
Measuring accuracy 0°Cto 50°C

23%IACS :±0.25%IACS

100%IACS :±0.5%IACS

Temperature compensation 0°C~50°C Automatic compensation function
Normal work environment Relative humidity 0~95%
Operating temperature 0°C~50°C
Language Chinese, English
PC communication USB
Fitting Portable box; probe; probe in cable; operating manual; conductivity standard sample; adapter Conductivity sample installs in the instrument, to verify and guarantee temperature compensation
Probe Diameter 12.7mm

(Applicable to minimum measuring area diameter at 60KHz is13mm.)

Reading storage Preserve 1000 survey data

Hand-held eddy current conductivity tester for NF-metals with automatic normalization of the conductivity values to 20°C through temperature sensor.


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