Digital Grain Moisture Meter MC-7825G Manual
Application: used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture and temperature in the process of allotment, acquisition, storage, machining of packed grains, feedstuff, powder, especially for grains. Measuring range: please see the table below Resolution: 0.1 Display: LCD display Accuracy: ±(0.5%n+0.1) PC interface: RS232C (Software & communicating cable are optional) Auto power off Power supply: 4×1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery Battery indicator: low battery indicator Dimensions: 165x62x26mm Weight (not including probe):119g

Test code and grain species
code grain range code grain range code grain range
cd01 Wheat/Rye (Whole) 7-31 cd13 Coffee (Whole) 7-31 cd25 Flax (Whole) 5-21
cd02 Wheat/Rye (Ground) 7-29 cd14 Coffee (Ground) 7-26 cd26 Peas (Progreta) (Ground) 5-21
cd03 Paddy (Whole) 7-29 cd15 Coffee Green(Ground) 7-27 cd27 Peas (Ground) 7-27
cd04 Paddy (Ground) 7-26 cd16 Cocoa Beans(Whole) 4-13 cd28 Ground nuts Hulled (Whole) 5-13
cd05 Rice (Milled) 7-29 cd17 Linseed (Whole) 6-21 cd29 Grass Seed/Rye grass (Whole) 7-28
cd06 Semolina 7-25 cd18 Lentils (Ground/ Whole) 7-21 cd30 Grass Seed /Cocksfoot (Whole) 6-23
cd07 Maize/Corn(Whole) 7-27 cd19 Oilseed Rape(Ground) 5-26 cd31 Flour/Soft Wheat 7-29
cd08 Maize/Corn(Ground) 7-26 cd20 Mustard Seed(Whole) 7-21 cd32 Clover/White Seed(Whole) 6-24
cd09 Soya Beans(Whole) 6-28 cd21 Sorghum/Milo(Whole) 7-28 cd33 Clover/Red Lucerne Seed (Whole) 6-22
cd10 Soya Beans(Ground) 5-22 cd22 Sorghum/Milo(Ground) 7-26 cd34 Buckwheat (Ground) 7-29
cd11 Barley/Oats(Whole) 7-34 cd23 Sunflower seed(Whole) 5-25 cd35 Brassicas/Brussels Sprout (whole /ground),Cabbage seed 5-15
cd12 Barley/Oats(Ground) 7-29 cd24 Sugarbeet Seed(Whole) 6-20 cd36 Beans/Tic/Winter (Ground) 5-15