DW-MWSeries HalogenMoisture Tester Feature Halogen light heating Stainless steel chamber Temperature and time can be set The percentage of moisture content The percentage of dry residual LCD with backlight Store historical setting Technicl parameters Model DW-110MW DW-105MW DW-102MW DW-100MW DW-200MW Range(g) 110 110 110 110 200g Readability(g) 0.01 0.005 0.002 0.001 0.001g Operating Temp.Range 5°C—35°C […]

2017 New Arrival Multipurpose stereo biological Microscope with CE approval Moisture meter: Moisture meters are used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. This information can be used to determine if the material is ready for use, unexpectedly wet or dry, or otherwise in need of further inspection. Wood and paper products […]

LDS-1G grain moisture meter/ analyzer Product Description Feature: * Fast,accurateandconvenient * BothAC-DCpowersupply * LCDwithwhitebacklight,clearandbright * Multi-pointcalibration,errorcorrection * Lowpowerconsumption,automaticpoweroff,energysaving,energy-saving * Automaticweighingandtemperaturecompensation * Translateddensitydisplay,moisturemeanvaluecalculation CategoryCodeTableforPresetInstrumentCalibrationParameters: CategoryName CategoryCode CategoryName CategoryCode CategoryName CategoryCode CategoryCode P1 Largecorn P9 Soybeanmeal P17 Soybean P2 Whitewheat P10 Cottonseedmeal P18 Wheat P3 Peanutkernel P11 Rapeseedmeal P19 Rapeseed P4 Sorghum P12 Pelletfeed P20 Corn P5 […]

Halogen Rapid Infrared Moisture Meter/Grain Moisture Analyzer Product Description Introduction: Infrared Moisture Metercan be widely applied to all needs rapid determination of moisture, such as medicine, plastic industry, chemical industry, food (fish listlessness, dehydrated vegetables, meat and aquatic products processing, noodles, flour, biscuits, moon cake, etc.), food, feed, seeds, rapeseed, tobacco, tea and textile, forestry, […]

GRAIN MOISTURE METER MC7828G Product Description Used for fast and accurate measurement of moisture in the process of allotment, acquisition, storage, machining of packed grains, feedstuff, powder. * Able to measure grains up to 22 species.* Thecup type measurement causes small error.* Wide measuring range.*With storage and statistical functions.Can store 240 groups of measurements.* Two […]

Cocoa Bean Hazelnut Maize Measure Paddy Rice Bran grain Moisture Meter Tester Product Description Measuring object: nonmetallic granulated materials such as cereal, wheat, rapeseed, soybean, vegetable seeds, corn, feed and so on Specification Measuring object: nonmetallic granulated materials such as cereal, wheat, rapeseed, soybean, vegetable seeds, corn, feed and so on Measuring error: ≤±0.5 %( […]

Product Description 5%~ 30% Grain Moisture Meter GM640 / Rice Moisture Meter Temperature range: Moisture range:5%-30%,Temperature :-10°C-60°C Accuracy Moisture +/-(1%rh+0.5),Temperature:+/-2.5°C(+/-5°F) Resolution Moisture:0.5%,Temperature:0.1°C/0.1°F Operating Environment Temperature:0°C-40°C,humidity:0-85%RH Grain Species OK Moisture Measuring OK Temperature Measuring OK Moisture Standard Setup OK Overflow Alarm OK Backlight Control OK Unit shift Between Ceisius OK Fahrenheit OK Low battery Alert OK […]

Product Description Wet Film Thickness Gauges(Comb-shape) The Wet Film Thickness Gauges are made of a comb-shaped design with precision cut gaps to determine the coating thickness by placing vertically onto a wet coated substrate. it is a corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a hole at the top comer so that a string(not supply)can be attached for […]

Hot sale hexagonal precision stainless steel thickness wet film gauge – These hexagonal precision formed stainless steel wet film combs are long lasting and reusable and are supplied in a range of thicknesses measuring up to 3000µm (120mils). – These six sided combs vary in size, giving either 24 or 36 measurement steps, depending on […]