MD7822 Digital Contains Wheat Corn Rice Test Hygrometer Grain Moisture Meter Humidity Tester The meter is so powerful that it can be used to measure the moistures and temperatures of various kinds of grain rapidly and accurately in operation, applicable or allocation and transfer, requisition by purchase, storage, processing of packaged grains.Specifications:Moisture measurement range: 2% […]

2017 NEW SALES menu model lcd display grain moisture meter Model LDS-1G NEW Fast and accurate. Have AC and DC power. White LED side backlight. Multipoint calibration, error correction.Calculate average data, test volume weight. Automatic weighing and temperature compensating. Data output and Calibration parameters download update. Low Energy Consumption. Auto and manual Power-Off. Main Technical […]

Product Description Specification: grain moisture meter is a LCD display multifunctional testing instrument, Widely using, can measure with 24 different kinds of corn and other varieties of food according to the requirements. Grain measure range: 8-40% Oil crop measure range:5-25% Accuracy: ±0.5% This menu type is an update model, the new version menu can display […]

Related Products SW-E40 Laser Distance Meter 40M SW-E50 Laser Distance Meter 50m SW-E60 Laser distance Meter 60m AS971 Wood Moisture Meter AS981 Wood Moisture Meter AR991 Grain Moisture meter Product Description Smart Sensor Moisture meters are used to measure the percentage of water in a given substance. This information can be used to determine if […]

Halogen lamp digital rapid laboratory Moisture meter Automatic Moisture teller Grain Moisture Analyzer Product Description: principle: Halogen moisture analyzer, use the halogen heat weight principle, is a rapid moisture detection equipment. The Moisture Analyzer measures the weight of the sample while the sample is heated by the halogen heating unit and the water evaporation path. […]

Digital Straw Grain Fiber Hay Bamboo Powder Multifunction Moisture Meter Tester grain moisture meter portable Product Description specification measuring range 5% -30% moisture accuracy Moisture ± (1% Rh = 0.5), temperature ± 2.5oC (± 5oF) resolution 0.5% moisture, temperature 0-85% Rh humidity 0.1-85% Rh temperature -10℃-60℃ usage Grain Moisture Tester Auto power off function 5 […]

coffee beans/ Cocoa beans Moisture Meters portable grain moisture tester 55 Product Description Digital Grain Moisture Temperature Meter Tester Grainmeasurerange 8-40% Oilcropmeasurerange 5-25% Accuracy ±0.5% Temperaturerange 0-60°C Accuracy ±2°C Grainstackdepth 1m 1.grainmoisturemeterisaLCDdisplaymultifunctionaltestinginstrument,widelyusing,canmeasurewith16differentkindsofcornandothervarietiesoffoodaccordingtotherequirements. 2.Itcanbedirectlyinsertedinaseparatehandheldtemperatureprobetomeasurethegraintemperature,doubletemperaturecompensation,automaticmemoryandcalculatetheaveragevaluesofrepeatedmeasurements(upto99times). Cancorrectmeasuringresults,themaximumadjustmentrange:-4%to4% 55grainmoisturemeter:24 kindsofcommonfoodcalibration Product showing   65   Other model product LDS-1G Packaging & Shipping Package size 25*20*15 cm GW 1.3KG Company […]

halogen analyzer grain timber plant paper hazelnut smart cotton seed fiber meat garments teller halogen infrared moisture meter Product Description Model PC-16A Max capacity 20g or 50g or 100g readability 1mg Moisture measurement accuracy ±0.5%(sample≥2g) Moisture content determination readability 0.02%~0.1%(sample≥2g) Temperature control adjustment tolerance ±1℃ Interface USB Heating temperature range 60~160℃ Heating time range 0~99 […]

Product Description With CE moisture meter tester supplier/grain spices water rice Product Detail Measure Range 3%~35% Measure Time ≤10s Measure range 3.0~40% ≤10s ≤ 10%: 0.1%; more than10%:1% Repetitive error ≤0.2% Ambient temperature range 0~40℃ Net weight 830g Power four alkaline battery (5# 1.5V) or external 9V DC barostat Product Keywords moisture meter tester Feature: […]

LDS-1G Grain Moisture Meter With Good Quality Product Description Digital Wheat Moisture Tester LDS-1G LDS-1G Portable Corn moisture meter /wheat grain moisture meter/grain digital moisture meter Measuring object: nonmetallic granulated materials such as cereal, wheat, rapeseed, soybean, vegetable seeds, corn, feed and so on TOKY Grain Moisture Meter SpecificationsMeasuring object: nonmetallic granulated materials such as […]