Digital Barcol Impressor 934-1 portable hardness tester is a type of Indentation Hardness tester. It test quickly, easy operation and almost nondestructive, used to test the hardness of the Aluminum and Aluminum alloys, confirms to the American Standard ASTM B648, ASTM HD2583-07 and GB/T 3854-2005.

Features of the 934-1 Digital Barcol Impressor:

Small size and light weight, easy to carry.

The device could switch to the hardness HW, HRE, HRF, HV, HB

The screen display the measuring data and the calibration device no need to disassemble.

With the bracket rotary positioning device.

Simple operation, single hand operation is okay.

Large measuring range, the testing range equivalent to the Brinell harness 25~135 HB.

High sensitivity and with 100 scales.

Test the material on one side of the workpiece, without the moving or supporting the workpiece, so it could used to measure the extra large and extra thick workpiece and the assemble parts.

Applications of the 934-1 Digital Barcol Impressor:

934-1 Digital Barcol Impressor mainly used to test the Aluminum and Aluminum hardness, also suitable for the other Soft metal and FRP products. It could measure the extra large, extra wide and extra thick workpiece and assembly parts, to measure the boards, belt materials, section materials, forgings and castings, etc.

The 934-1 Digital Barcol Impressor widely used model in the Aluminum industry is W-20 Webster hardness tester, it is suitable for most of Aluminum alloy. But for the super hard aluminum alloy, need to use the W-B75 Webster hardness tester or the Barcol Impressor, such as the 2024, 7075,etc. For the pure aluminum, low hard aluminum alloy, extra thick aluminum alloy, and other material not suitable for the Webster hardness tester, should use the Barcol hardness tester.

The Barcol Impressor usually as the supplement of the Webster harness tester.

Technical parameter of the 934-1 Digital Barcol Impressor:

Measuring range 0~100HBa
Effective range 25~135 HBW
Resolution 0.1HBa
Indication Error 42~52 HBa ±2.0 HBa

84~88 HBa ±1.0 HBa

Repeatability Error 42~52 HBa ±2.5 HBa

84~88 HBa ±1.5 HBa

Standard accessories of the 934-1 Digital Barcol Impressor:

Barcol Impressor 934-1 1pc
Calibration block 2pc
Calibration wrench 1pc
Spare penetrators 1pc
Charger 1pc
Operation manual 1pc

Our company provides the different type Hardness tester, including of the Rockwell Hardness tester, Leeb Hardness tester, Barcol Hardness tester, Webster Hardness tester, Micro Hardness tester.


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