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25-3000um stainless steel hexagonal wet film comb for paint thickness measurement

The wet film thickness gauge is a tool for coating the thickness of wet paint film on new painted surfaces, chemical, adhesive, architectural coatings, measuring paints, varnishes, etc.

The wet film thickness gauge is a tool for measuring the coating thickness of various paints such as paints and varnishes during construction. Immediately after construction of various coatings, the wet film thickness gauge is placed vertically and flat on the surface of the flat workpiece. The coating thickness can be measured immediately.

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The wet film thickness gaugeis designed and manufactured according to the requirements of international standard ISO2808-1974 (E) “Color paint and varnish – determination of film thickness”. It is mainly used to determine the thickness of the wet film on the painted surface and can roughly estimate the approximate thickness of the film when it is dry. The instrument can be used both in the laboratory and in production control.


During the measurement, the surface of the range close to the estimated thickness of the paint film is vertically pressed into the wet film, and the wet film thickness gauge is removed from the wet film to measure the thickness of the wet film coating. The wet film thickness should be between the shortest tooth that is wetted by the wet film and the adjacent tooth that is not immersed. Two measurements were taken at different locations in the same manner to obtain representative results within a certain range.


1. After applying the paint on a hard flat test plate in the laboratory or applying the paint on the surface of the workpiece to be coated in the field, the thickness of the wet paint film should be measured as soon as possible to reduce the film thinning caused by solvent evaporation. phenomenon.

2. After use, the instrument should be wiped clean and placed in a dry place.

3.2000um: Maximum scale of wetting
2600um: the minimum scale of the final wetting
The thickness of the wet film is between 2000-2600um
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